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, , , , | 2016 | 107 minutes | | ,
Directed by Pablo Larraín

An investigator launches a search for Pablo Neruda, a Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet, who became a fugitive in his own country for his Communist leanings during the 1940s.


| 2017 | 127 minutes | | , ,
Directed by Ted Melfi

As the United States raced against Russia to put a man in space, NASA found untapped talent in a group of African-American female mathematicians that served as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in U.S. history. Based on the unbelievably true life stories of three of these women, known as…

THINGS TO COME – Last Showing

, | 2016 | 100 minutes | | ,
Directed by Mia Hansen-Løve

Nathalie teaches philosophy at a high school in Paris. She is passionate about her job and particularly enjoys passing on the pleasure of thinking. Married with two children, she divides her time between her family, former students and her very possessive mother. One day, Nathalie’s husband announces he is leaving her for…

TONI ERDMANN – Last Showing!

, , | 2016 | 162 minutes | | ,
Directed by Maren Ade

Winfried doesn’t see much of his working daughter Ines. The suddenly student-less music teacher decides to surprise her with a visit after the death of his old dog. It’s an awkward move because serious career woman Ines is working on an important project as a corporate strategist in Bucharest. The geographical change…


| 2016 | 133 minutes | |
Directed by Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington directed and stars in this adaptation of August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, which centers on a black garbage collector named Troy Maxson in 1950s Pittsburgh. Bitter that baseball’s color barrier was only broken after his own heyday in the Negro Leagues, Maxson is prone to taking out his frustrations on…

LA LA LAND – Jonathan Revere Remembered – Free Event

| 2016 | 128 minutes | | , ,
Directed by Damien Chazelle

FRIENDS OF JONATHAN REVERE CELEBRATION — FREE OF CHARGE. In tribute to the late Jonathan Revere of West Tisbury who was a big fan of classic Hollywood cinema.  Co-sponsored by the West Tisbury Library. Reception in lobby beginning at 6:30PM with film at 7:30PM. Written and directed by Academy Award (R) nominee Damien Chazelle,…


| 2016 | 112 minutes | | ,
Directed by Jaco Van Dormael

THE BRAND NEW TESTAMENT begins with one simple conceit: God exists, and He’s a jerk. He lives in a high-rise apartment in Brussels and never gets out of His pajamas. He takes sadistic delight in dreaming up new “laws” to torment humanity, and He’s a petty tyrant to his wife and ten year-old daughter, Ea….

A PLASTIC OCEAN presented in collaboration with the Vineyard Conservation Society and Norton Point

| 2016 | 102 minutes | |
Directed by Craig Leeson

This screening is sponsored by Norton Point, with a portion of proceeds going to the Vineyard Conservation Society. A PLASTIC OCEAN is a new feature-length adventure documentary that brings to light the consequences of our global disposable lifestyle. We thought we could use plastic once and throw it away with negligible impact to…


| 2016 | 103 minutes | | , , , ,
Directed by Ron Clements, John Musker, Chris Williams (IX) , Don Hall

Three thousand years ago, the greatest sailors in the world voyaged across the vast Pacific, discovering the many islands of Oceania. But then, for a millennium, their voyages stopped – and no one knows exactly why. From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes MOANA, a sweeping, CG-animated feature film about an adventurous teenager who…


| 2016 | 116 minutes | | , , ,
Directed by Morten Tyldum

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt star in an exciting action-thriller about two passengers who are on a 120-year journey to another planet when their hibernation pods wake them 90 years too early. Jim and Aurora are forced to unravel the mystery behind the malfunction as the ship teeters on the brink of…


| 2016 | 60 minutes | |

ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS IN DOWNTOWN VINEYARD HAVEN ON SUNDAY DECEMBER 11th. This holiday special goes back in time to show how Elmo’s ancestors–not to mention those of Grover, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster–helped transform “the most unfriendly street in town” into the bright, kind, music-filled place it…


| 2016 | 135 minutes | |
Directed by Kenneth Lonergan

In MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, the latest film from award-winning writer and director Kenneth Lonergan, the life of a solitary Boston janitor is transformed when he returns to his hometown to take care of his teenage nephew. The story of the Chandlers, a working-class family living in a Massachusetts fishing village for…


| 2016 | 115 minutes | | , ,
Directed by Tom Ford

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the 2016 Venice International Film Festival. From writer/director Tom Ford comes a haunting romantic thriller of shocking intimacy and gripping tension that explores the thin lines between love and cruelty, and revenge and redemption. Academy Award nominees Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal star as a…

Warren Miller’s 67th Ski film, HERE, THERE, & EVERYWHERE

| 2016 | 120 mins | | , , ,

Included with each ticket  Movie Ticket – National Premier Tour of Warren Miller’s 67th movie Sugarbush Lift Ticket (weekday) FREE with each movie ticket Free weekday lift ticket to Steamboat in Colorado National WME Tour Sweepstakes for Ski trips and more! Visit Audi Norwell, test drive, and get a chance to win…


, | 2016 | 124 minutes | | , , ,
Directed by Robert Zemeckis

Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) and Marianne Beauséjour (Marion Cotillard) are World War II operatives who never reveal their true identities. After falling in love during a risky mission, they hope to leave all that double-dealing behind them and start new lives. Instead, suspicion and danger envelop their marriage as both husband and…


| 2016 | 133 minutes | | , ,
Directed by Gareth Edwards

From Lucasfilm comes the first of the Star Wars standalone films, ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY, an all-new epic adventure. In a time of conflict, a group of unlikely heroes band together on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire’s ultimate weapon of destruction. This key…


| 2016 | 116 minutes | | , ,
Directed by Denis Villeneuve

When mysterious spacecraft touch down across the globe, an elite team–lead by expert linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams)–are brought together to investigate. As mankind teeters on the verge of global war, Banks and the team race against time for answers–and to find them, she will take a chance that could threaten her…

JACKIE – Oscar nominated

, , | 2016 | 95 minutes | | , ,
Directed by Pablo Larraín

JACKIE is a searing and intimate portrait of one of the most important and tragic moments in American history, seen through the eyes of the iconic First Lady, then Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy (Natalie Portman). JACKIE places us in her world during the days immediately following her husband’s assassination. Known for her extraordinary…


, , | 87 minutes | 87 minutes | |
Directed by Otto Bell

THE EAGLE HUNTRESS follows Aisholpan, a 13-year-old girl, as she trains to become the first female in twelve generations of her Kazakh family to become an eagle hunter, and rises to the pinnacle of a tradition that has been handed down from father to son for centuries. Set against the breath-taking expanse…

MOONLIGHT redux — 2016 Best Picture Winner!

| 2016 | 110 minutes | |
Directed by Barry Jenkins

MOONLIGHT won Best Picture, Adapted Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali) A timeless story of human connection and self-discovery, MOONLIGHT chronicles the life of a young black man from childhood to adulthood as he struggles to find his place in the world while growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami….


| 1985 | 114 minutes | | ,
Directed by Jûzô Itami

Chris Fischer, the Beard Award winning author and chef is going to present a new short film beforehand and talk afterwards about Tampopo, a film he specifically selected for us this evening. The sophomore directorial effort from ill-fated Japanese filmmaker Juzo Itami, Tampopo is an off-beat comedy featuring several intersecting stories all…


2016 | 95 minutes | |

Showcasing a wide variety of story and style, the 2016 Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour is a 95-minute theatrical program of eight short films selected from this year’s Festival, which over the course of its more than 30-year history has been widely considered the premier showcase for short films and the…


| 2016 | 145 minutes | | , ,
Directed by Chan-wook Park

From PARK Chan-wook, the celebrated director of OLDBOY, LADY VENGEANCE, THIRST and STOKER, comes a ravishing new crime drama inspired by the novel ‘FINGERSMITH’ by British author Sarah Waters. Having transposed the story to 1930s-era colonial Korea and Japan, Park presents a gripping and sensual tale of a young Japanese Lady living…


2017 | 100 minutes | | , ,
Composer Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Choreographer George Balanchine, Conductor Simon Hewett

Numerous choreographers have delved into Shakespeare to find dramatic material for their ballets, beginning with Jean-Georges Noverre, an ardent defender of the “action ballet” and Marius Petipa, who was the first to use Mendelssohn’s stage music. George Balanchine, who also loved the score, would prove no exception. In 1962 he created his…


2014 | 180 minutes | | , ,
Conductor Philippe Jordan, Director Zabou Breitman

Sung in German. Die Entführung aus dem Serail was the first grand opera in the German language to be constructed as a Singspiel, the German theatrical form in which spoken and sung text alternate. At a period when the influence of the Ottoman Empire on its Austrian neighbor lent a certain Turkish…


| 2016 | 94 minutes | | ,
Directed by Taggart Siegel , Jon Betz

Special guest speaker afterwards — Carol Koury, Sow True Seed Few things on Earth are as miraculous and vital as seeds. Worshipped and treasured since the dawn of humankind. SEED: The Untold Story follows passionate seed keepers protecting our 12,000 year-old food legacy. In the last century, 94% of our seed varieties…


| 2016 | 96 minutes | |
Directed by Leslie Small, Tim Story

Comedian Kevin Hart performs at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, providing a humorous insight into parenting, people on the edge, current events and his hardship’s in everyday life. In the film’s sub-plot, set before the events of the concert, Kevin is an agent for MI6 (Agent 0054) and attends a poker game…


| 2016 | 116 minutes | | ,
Directed by Hannes Holm

Stepping from the pages of Fredrik Backman’s international best-selling novel, Ove is the quintessential angry old man next door. An isolated retiree with strict principles and a short fuse, who spends his days enforcing block association rules that only he cares about, and visiting his wife’s grave, Ove has given up on…


2016 | 210 minutes | |

“I’ve no talent for life.” Just married. Bored already. Hedda longs to be free… Hedda and Tesman have just returned from their honeymoon and the relationship is already in trouble. Trapped but determined, Hedda tries to control those around her, only to see her own world unravel. Tony Award-winning director Ivo van…


2016 | 150 minutes | |
Directed by Sean Mathias

Following their hit run on Broadway, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart return to the West End stage in Harold Pinter’s NO MAN’S LAND, broadcast live to cinemas from Wyndham’s Theatre, London.  One summer’s evening, two aging writers, Hirst and Spooner, meet in a Hampstead pub and continue their drinking into the night at Hirst’s stately house nearby.  As the…