Dear Movie Patrons and Members,

To be sensitive to the other retail businesses open at the TMP in the evening, if you are coming to the Film Center for a 7:30 pm screening – please refrain from parking in front of the NET RESULT at the entrance of the TMP or in the 4 parking spaces directly in front of ROCCO’s PIZZA, they both have “take-out” customers that are coming and going until closing (these are marked 15 minute spaces).

The trustees of the TMP have also instituted 1-hour parking restrictions for all spaces from NET RESULT to ROCCO’s PIZZA for all hours.  Please try to park in back of the Film Center building first (there are about 30 spaces in back in evening) or there is parallel parking along the side buildings (behind Toy Box/barbershop) accessed by turn right at the end of Net Result outdoor seating (look for our signs) as you first drive into the TMP or going right at Mark Hutker Architects offices at the back of the horseshoe. Please use our convenient back entrance.  If the TMP retailer shops and offices are closed (after 6:00 pm), you may park in the 1-hour restricted areas for a nighttime movie.  OR park at Ace Hardware/Hinckley’s. 

ACE/HINCKLEY’S Beach Road parking lot is again available to Film Center patrons to park during our nighttime movies after 6:00 PM during the summer months when the TMP parking lot can become full in the evening – look for our parking attendant (with sign) for guidance. Parking is always free of charge when attending a movie. We appreciate your patience with parking in the busy summer months.

All questions about these new restrictions should be directed to the Tisbury Condo Association offices at (508) 696-7784.

Drive safely and always be aware of pedestrians walking through the parking lot.

Thank you for your continued support,


P.S. Here is a map of the parking plan at the Tisbury Marketplace and suggested drive-in routes for movie-goers.