Feldman Family Artspace

A selection committee organized by the Featherstone Center for the Arts recently reviewed the artwork of dozens of Island artists to show at The Martha’s Vineyard Film Center.  About half of the submissions were from photographers, the other half painting and mixed media.

Jury members were given the task of narrowing the submissions to 12 show slots, plus the annual VCS/MVRHS student art contest and from the Gretchen Feldman permanent collection. Selections were based on technical, graphic and aesthetic criteria, as well as a balance of media and styles suitable for The Film Center Art space.

For those artists interested in showing their work in 2020, please submit an application to Kate@featherstoneart.org. The application is available on their website, scroll to the bottom of the page — www.featherstoneart.org

2019 selected artists’ show schedule are:

January 7 – January 27:  Lanny McDowell
January 27 – February 23:  Warren Gaines
February 25 – March 24: Debra Gaines
​March 25 – April 28:  Kathy Poehler
​April 29 – May 22:  Nolan Bowie
​May 24 – June 24:  Vineyard Conservation Society and Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School
June 24 – July 28:  The Gretchen V. Feldman Collection
​​July 29 – August 25:  Jenifer Smith Turner
​August 26 – September 29:  Jane Davenport
​September 30 – October 27:  Paul Doherty
​October 28 – November 24:  Sarah Moore
​November 25 – December 29: Anna-Maria Stromberg

2018 Artists at the Feldman Family Art Space: Fae Kontje Gibbs, Justen Ahren, Richard Limber, Alison Mead, Lowely Finnerty, Vineyard Conservation Society MVRHS Student Art show, Denys Wortman, The Gretchen V. Feldman Collection, Bettie Eubanks, JoAnn L. Bates, Gwen Norton, Steve Myrick, Bert Fischer, Bricque Garber

2017 Artists at the Feldman Family Art Space: Fred Hancock, Billie O’Callaghan, Marie Louise Rouff, Josh Robinson White, VCS/High School Students Art Contest, Margo Oulette, Anne Grandin, Gretchen Feldman Collection, Michael Johnson, Joyce Farmer, Sally Cohn, Sabrina Kuchta, Elizabeth Cecil, Marston Clough

2016 Artists at the Feldman Family Art Space: John Holladay,Sam Moore, Maria Hurwitz, Lanny McDowell, Vineyard Conservation Student Show, David Welch, Steve Lohman, Gretchen Feldman, Jean Schnell, Renee Balter, Vineyard Colors, Rob Hauck, Lynn Hoeft, Bob Sibley, Claire Chalfoun

2015 Artists at the Feldman Family Art Space: Jeffery Canha, Alejandro Carreno, Jack Yuen, Ellen Liman, Vincent Chahley, Rez Williams, Max Skjoldebrand, Henry Stevenson, Elizabeth Taft, Peter Dreyer

Anyone interested in purchasing a piece of art should contact and make arrangements with the artist directly. All works will remain up throughout the duration of the shows. Each artist has agreed to donate 15% of the purchase price to the Martha’s Vineyard Film Society of any artworks sold during the show.

The Feldman Family Artspace at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center exists thanks to the generous contribution of Sam Feldman and his continued support of the visual arts.

Art Space

Work will hang for 3 or 4 weeks depending upon the season. The art will be hung by the artist under the supervision, and with the assistance of a committee member.

Artwork must be framed or presented in a professional manner in keeping with the high standards of The Film Center.

A reference sheet of titles, price list and artist biography should also be hung with the work. Anyone interest in purchasing a piece will contact and make arrangements with the artist directly. All works should remain up throughout the duration of the show. The Film Society asks for a 15% donation for any works sold.

Red dots will be placed near any works that have been sold over the duration of the show.

The show will be advertised on The Film Center Facebook page and by direct e-mail to members. Any additional mailings or newspaper announcements or a formal opening and/or refreshments are the responsibility of the artist and needs to be coordinated with the management of the Film Society.

We will make every effort to protect all artwork. The Film Center is a secure building with a burglar alarm and sprinklers. Art is insured up to $10,000 (additional coverage can be made if needed).