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A collection of some of the world’s best new short animated films from acclaimed animators curated by Bill Plympton.

The MV International Film Festival will present a display of animated shorts with a showcase curated by Bill Plympton, Academy Award nominee for his animated films, including a nomination in 1987 for the animated film YOUR FACE. His cartoons have appeared in a variety of well-known publications, including the New York Times, The New Yorker, and Vogue.





An Oscar-nominated animator and cartoonist, Bill Plympton has been amusing and provoking audiences with his surrealist, off-kilter take on everyday life for years. Born in Portland, Oregon, on April 30, 1946, Plympton developed a fascination with animation as a child. Frequently trapped indoors due to Oregon’s rainy climate, he spent hours nurturing both his drawing skills and animation. At the age of 14, he sent some of his cartoons to Disney, only to be told that he was too young to work as an animator, but that his drawings showed promise. After college and a stint in the National Guard, Plympton moved to New York City, where he began serving a long tenure as an illustrator, cartoonist, and magazine designer. His illustrations graced the pages of such diverse publications as The New York Times, Vogue, House Beautiful, Penthouse, Rolling Stone, and Glamour. In 1975 he began the cartoon strip Plympton in the Soho Weekly News. By 1981, the strip was syndicated in over 20 newspapers throughout the country.

1. BIG BAG by Daniel Greaves (01:55 mins)

2. BROOKLYN BREEZE by Alex Budovsky (04:08 mins)

3. BULLET TIME by Frodo Kuipers (05:30 mins)

4. HAPPY END by Jan Saska (05:42 mins)

5. HERE COMES THE PLANE by Nicolas Sole (03:46 mins)

6. HI STRANGER by Kirsten Lepore (02:42 mins)

7. NEW YORK CITY SKETCHBOOK by Willy Hartland (13:00 mins)

8. SWIPED by David Chai (04:38 mins)

9. WE’RE HUMAN AFTER ALL by Jan Mika (16:42 mins)

 10. COP DOG by Bill Plympton (05:43 mins)

11. PITTARI by Pat Smith (03:00 mins)

12. OUR WONDERFUL NATURE by The Common Chameleon (03:32 mins)

Total Run Time: 70 minutes