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An inspiring story about the life of 82 year old glaciologist, Claude Lorius, whose groundbreaking discoveries sounded the alarm for global warming.

In 1955, scientist Claude set off with two fellow travelers for a one-year wintering journey in the Antarctic, with no possible return or support. On such unexplored lands, the young man discovered that each air bubble clenched within the pole ice fields was an air sample dating back to the time when it got caught in the ice. In other words, a few meters down, the air contained in the ice used to be breathed by the Romans.  Such discoveries resulted in drilling operations that would later help him go more than 400,000 years back in our climate history, which had never been done before.

In the light of this newly uncovered information, Claude would dedicate his life to convince and raise awareness of the dangers brought about by men and looming over their own planet.

This man of science decided to take the time to retrace his steps and piece the puzzle of his life back together. Claude Lorius shares his experience, possibly for the last time.

ICE AND SKY tells his remarkable, and important story.

“A bracing climate change doc whose softly spoken message connects with the heart and heat.” 0David Jenkins, Little White Lies

“Lorius is an inspirational figure, and there’s something of Moses in the aerial shots of the octogenarian surveying a receding icy ridge, or standing mournfully amid rising seas.” -Mark Kermode, Observer (UK)