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A festival selection committee whittled 2000+ entries down to 10 finalists. We will screen each finalist short film and our jury will choose Best Over-all Short at the conclusion of the program.  Program notes to be added very very soon.

Our jury participants are: Diana Barrett, The Fledgling Fund;  Tim Miller – Cape Cod Times, and Patrick Harrison of Academy of Motion Picture Arts (NYC). 




1. “In the Still of the Night” (13 min) – Directed by Erich Steiner, Austria

A rainy autumn night. Three children are waiting for their father. Once again he is late. When he finally comes home and even has gifts for the kids, their eyes shine. Only the eldest daughter is suspicious – she feels that their parents are hiding something…

2. “Sul Tram” (5 min) – Directed by Leone Balduzzi, Italy

3. “Un Bout de Route Ensemble” (17 min) – Directed by Jacques-Emmanuel Astor, France

While Martine, tourist guide lost her tour group, her assistant suggested she see tourism from another angle.

4. “Follow Me” (5 min) – Lorenz Fischer, Germany

“Follow me!” was the shortest briefing of a dive guide, that I’ve ever heard. And see, what a great planet he showed to me!  This is a special trailer for my film project “Ocean Born”. It’s for the sharks and all life in the ocean, who struggle to survive. My test audience where children from 8 to 14, they were all impressed. And they love the soundtrack as well.

5. “Grounded” (19 min) – Directed by Alexis Michalik, France

Évelyne must go to London for the burial of her mother. At the airport it is impossible to find the papers for her baby, impossible to go any further. With the help of Stéphanie, a young stewardess, Évelyne is going to dispute the wheels of government and, maybe, take off in time.

6. “The Right Person for the Job” (8 min) – Directed by Wilfried Méance, France

Jean, a recent unemployed 55-year waiting feverishly to pass for the first time in an interview job center. What he does not know is that Remi, his old counselor 30 years hot temperament, wants to end his work day quickly. They  were made for each other.…

7. “The Macaron Man” (19 min) – Directed by Ben Garfield, UK

Artisan chef Jon Kristjansson has commissioned a short film to be made to promote his new French macaron making business. Things don’t go quite to plan however, and as events unravel, we start to see what’s really motivating the macaron man.

8. “Moving On” (10 min) – Directed by Marcia Fields & Mike Spear, USA

“Moving On” is about what happens when you wake up to find you need to move on and move out at exactly the same time.

9. “Wine, Women, & Cognac” (5 min) – Louis Mandsfield, USA

Frank Boursin’s life was full of excess. Wine, women, and cognac were the vices of the young American studying in Europe. Settling back in the United States, Frank often looks back on his European adventures with only one problem… he never went. Sitting in his room in his retirement home, Frank fantasizes of the life he could have had until one day he meets a beautiful French resident, Mireille.

10. “The Ring Thing” (7 min) – Directed by Friederike Jehn, USA

A couple, a pool, a ring. One misunderstanding leads to the next, pushing this relationship to the edge. A couple finds an engagement ring setting in motion a silly game which strats to questions their playful bond. Who stands where, who wants what, how serious is this, or is it all just a game? Their untroublesome, piece of cake relationship is being reassessed by the constant question: What are you afraid of?