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Local activists in Gaza, Germany, and Colombia challenge fossil-fuel dependency and power structures in a struggle for social and climate justice. Tomorrow’s Power showcases three communities around the world and their responses to economic and environmental emergencies. In the war-torn, oil-rich Arauca province in Colombia, communities have been building a peace process from the bottom up. In Germany, activists are pushing the country to fully divest from fossil-fuel extraction and complete its transition to renewable energy. In Gaza, health practitioners harness solar power to battle daily life-threatening energy blackouts in hospitals.

“Tomorrow’s Power will be the much-needed film to explain our worldwide addiction to fossil fuels and its relationship to climate change, but it will also empower and motivate: It will inspire its viewers to work hard and persist even in the face of massive obstacles, setbacks and failures,” says director Amy Miller.

“Films such as Tomorrow’s Power […] are necessary to raise awareness, but also to show people that all hope is not yet lost.” — Le Petit Septième

“It is with an infallible determination and sharp visual style that Miller travels the world to denounce injustice and shed light on people’s will to group and resist.” — Carpe Diem

“Tomorrow’s Power, is a true testament to the bravery, courage and solidarity of three communities located in Europe, the Middle East and South America who seek to assert their rights in the face of economic and environmental crises.” — El Mundo