“Film Noir Restored” with Paul Karasik: MOONRISE

| 1948 | 1 hr 30 mins. | | , , ,

Wednesday April 24, 2019


$12 General Admission, $9 Member,
$7 child age 14 or younger
Doors Open for admissions 30 min. prior to screening
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Special Introduction by Paul Karasik on these restored Film Noir classics.

Join us in the lobby beforehand for a glass of Pinot Noir and Dark Chocolate.

A small-town fable about violence and redemption, Moonrise is the final triumph of Frank Borzage, one of Hollywood’s most neglected masters. Stigmatized from infancy by the fate of his criminal father, young Danny (Dane Clark) is bruised and bullied until one night, in a fit of rage, he kills his most persistent tormentor. As the police close in around him, Danny makes a desperate bid for the love of the dead man’s fiancée (Gail Russell), a schoolteacher who sees the wounded soul behind his aggression. With this postwar comeback, Borzage recaptured the inspiration that had animated his long and audacious early career, marrying the lyrical force of his romantic sensibility with the psychological anguish of film noir, in a stunning vindication of faith in the power of love.

Paul Karasik has selected these films as prime examples of Must-See Film Noir. Paul is an Eisner Award-winning cartoonist whose work has appeared in the New Yorker and whose graphic novels have been translated worldwide.


"This is an overlooked gem from one of Hollywood's under-the-radar mavericks, and a tasty slice of small-town noir." - Dallas Morning News

"One of the greatest works by one of Hollywood's most unfairly treated masters." - The Retro Set

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