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With a terrific cast and a surfeit of visual razzle dazzle, Crazy Rich Asians takes a satisfying step forward for screen adaptation (based on best selling novel) while deftly drawing inspiration from the classic — and still effective — rom-com formula.   “Crazy Rich Asians” follows native New Yorker Rachel Chu (Wu) as she accompanies her longtime boyfriend, Nick Young (Golding), to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore, which becomes complicated.

“In the guise of a bouncy romcom about insanely gorgeous rich kids, the pointedly entertaining Crazy Rich Asians is making history as the first Hollywood film in 25 years to feature an all-Asian cast. It’s also “the” comedy to see this summer”– Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
“A shining, redefining example of what the romantic-comedy genre can do best: It’s breezy and hilarious yet offers enough heartfelt gravitas to give the feel-good date movie needed emotional heft.” -Brian Truitt, USA Today

“The vigorous cast enlivens the conventional action, and brilliant comedic sallies by Awkwafina, as Rachel’s college friend, and Nico Santos, as Nick’s cousin, knock it for a loop.”– Ricard Brody,New Yorker