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Special Guests: Warren M. Doty

Warren DotyI have been a selectman in the Town of Chilmark for 18 years. During all of those years a major focus of my service has been to maintain Menemsha Harbor as a working waterfront for commercial fishing. I have followed in great detail the ups and downs of commercial fishing on Martha’s Vineyard, attended hundreds of meetings about fisheries regulations, and have been for years the president of the Menemsha Fisheries Development Fund. Commercial Fishing in New England is going through a period of dramatic change and we need to stay abreast of all changes and see that our commercial fishing stays alive on Martha’s Vineyard.


The Ross Sea, Antarctica is the most pristine stretch of ocean on Earth. A vast, frozen landscape that teems with life – whales, seals and penguins carving out a place on the very edge of existence.

Californian ecologist David Ainley has been traveling to the Ross Sea to study this unique ecosystem for more than thirty years. He has written scientific papers describing it as a ‘living laboratory’. Largely untouched by humans, it is one of the last places where the delicate balance of nature prevails. But an international fishing fleet has recently found its way to the Ross Sea. It is targeting Antarctic toothfish, sold as Chilean sea bass in up-market restaurants around the world.thelastocean2

The catch is so lucrative it is known as white gold. Ainley knows that unless fishing is stopped the natural balance of the Ross Sea will be lost forever. He rallies his fellow scientists and meets up with a Colorado nature photographer and New Zealand filmmaker who also share a deep passion for this remote corner of the world.  Together they form ‘the Last Ocean’ and begin a campaign taking on the commercial fishers and governments in a race to protect Earth’s last untouched ocean from our insatiable appetite for fish.


“The Last Ocean is a spectacular, informative and urgent piece of work… Through Peter Young’s lens, the Antarctic looks wild and wonderful”.
Graeme Tuckett, Dominion Post 10 August 2012

“Young’s film is absorbing, politically and ecologically informative, nightmarish, and excellent, albeit disturbing, cinema”.
Sam Edwards, Waikato Times, 8 September 2012

“I hope you are inspired by this movie”.
John Kerry, US Secretary of State

“Peter Young’s ravishing footage lends emotive force to his detailed account of the case against fishing Antarctic waters”.
Bill Gosden, 2012 New Zealand International Film Festival

“A frightening omen of our planet’s future… told with truth, humour and brittle, ephemeral beauty”.
Melenie Parkers, Yahoo Entertainment NZ, 2 October 2012

The Last Ocean is a powerful statement about humanity’s urge to chase resources over every inch of the Earth.”
Michael White, Nature 498, 6 June 2013