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This film and event are free for all youth aged 14 years or younger.

This is the story of one of the most incredible places on our planet, Aldabra as told by the amazing creatures that inhabit it. Imagine a pristine island, untouched by man-kind, that rises from the depths of the ocean, only to be swallowed by the sea again. Giant land tortoises swim for their lives through shark-infested waters. Turtle hatchlings make a dash for the open sea. The words largest terrestrial crabs scale palm trees to harvest coconuts. Flightless birds bully the locals. The most ferocious tides in the world carve gravity-defying sculptures out of coral and limestone. All of these awe-inspiring creatures co-exist on the world’s second largest coral atoll as it was 5,000 years ago, before it vanishes beneath the waves as it has on at least six occasions in the past.