WILD & PRECIOUS (Live Performance)

Monday August 31, 2015


$25 General Admission, $20 Member,
$12 Student (with valid Student ID)
Doors Open for admissions 30 min. prior to screening
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steve cadwell

WILD & PRECIOUS is docudrama/theatrical memoir celebrating our 50 Years of Social Change:  Gay Liberation/ integration through one man’s story.  From the moment the curtain goes up until the final bow the audience is riveted by Steve Cadwell’s tale: you’ll cherish the little boy playing with dolls; identify with the adolescent challenges of discovering his sexuality; and witness first-hand the gay experience of the past 60 years: Stonewall; disco; AIDS; freedom to marry; and more are put in a context that’s made real by Cadwell’s vulnerability, authenticity and integrity. This well-tuned roller coaster shoots its riders through tumults, joys, tears, and celebration. Dare to be different!
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Dr. Cadwell is a senior Boston psychotherapist who brings themes of gender, sexuality, and shame to the stage through poetry, story, costume, song, photos, and dance. He’s performed coast to coast:  Orcas, Seattle, LA, San Francisco, NYC, Boston, Ptown, Woods Hole.  NOW Martha’s Vineyard.

Excerpts from a Performance in Cambridge, MA


WILD & PRECIOUS is a story of change for the BETTER!  This is HIS story about what it means to be a man in our one wild and precious life — one man’s version of our Social Change History: Gay Liberation  and the universal quest for meaning.

"I am blown away at your performance. I was stunned by the intensity of your words, stories, music, singing, movement, affect and effect of all of you. A Masterpiece: I can't stop thinking about the whole performance and I know that is a powerful sign of a good performance and intense story. Thank you for being you and sharing your story. You are so brave. You are a role model for us all to be more of who we are. We have to continue to GET OUT no matter what that means. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!"-- Bob Haas, Psychotherapist, Boston, MA

"Wild and Precious is much more than a sentimental journey down a memory lane of pain and sadness [...] His takeaway message: Inner peace comes of accepting our own differences, and a life of integrity comes from integrating all our parts.."--John-Manuel Andriote, The Huffington Post


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