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Set in a small village in the snowy Alps during WWII, an orphan named Sebastian befriends Belle, a wild dog wandering the French Alps, in the midst of a great disruption by German soldiers wishing to dismantle a network of smugglers into Switzerland.


Filmmaker Nicolas Vanier transforms the 1960’s hit television show to the big screen with BELLE AND SEBASTIAN. Vanier’s polished remake combines extraordinary landscape photography and animal wrangling with a heart-warming, small-town tale.  The unlikely and unbreakable bond between Belle and Sebastian allows Vanier to captivate audiences with breathtaking scenery, filmed in the Haute Maurienne-Vanoise valley in France.

This film is in French with English subtitles

“A tale of innocence and companionship that is thankfully nowhere near as traumatic as Old Yeller.” -Jess Lomas QUICKFLIX

“You don’t really see many films like this anymore, there’s no whiz bangery it’s just a very simple story beautifully filmed.” -Judish Lucy AT HE MOVIES

“When you see the keyart images of a young boy with a beautiful white dog at his side, you could be forgiven for thinking this is a lightweight family adventure. The elements of Nicolas Vanier’s enchanting film however, are far richer” -Urban Cinefile Critics