Other Ways You Can Help:

Program Underwriting

Opportunities exist to create new programs. Do you have a particular interest in film? Would you like to collaborate to present Classic Films, Kids Shows, or do you have a unique film series idea to explore? If you would like to discuss underwriting a film or series please contact Richard Paradise at 508-696-9369.

Purchase a Gift Certificate

Give someone a gift certificate with a determined dollar amount. The recipient can use the certificate to attend films, purchase goods at the concession stand or apply it to their own membership. The gift certificate is a great surprise to anyone who has been to the theater and a wonderful start to encourage friends to explore the excellent programs we offer. To purchase a gift card please send us an email at info@mvfilmsociety.com with “gift certificate” in the subject line.  OR you can purchase online by clicking this link.

Become a Member

Not only will you save money every time you come to the film center, but you’ll be helping us with our year-round programming and community events.  We have memberships available for every possible budget. For details, and/or to sign up, please click this link

Become a Sponsor

Film Center sponsorship allows you to align your marketing and promotional activities with our community-responsive activities. Benefits and opportunities include:

  • Market your products and services to people with superior buying power
  • Market your products and services to people who are independent-minded and culturally-savvy.
  • Position your company with a cultural non-profit organization retaining a loyal membership (nearly 2000 members now)
  • Promote your corporate generosity to over 2,500 people a month
  • Create tremendous good will with audiences enjoying the magic of movies.

Event Sponsors and Film Sponsorship are available – contact Richard at rich@mvfilmsociety.com for a full proposal and fees (usually in the $1000 to $5000 range)

Donation of Stocks

Electronic delivery of stock shares is a fast and secure way to make a donation. For more information, please contact Richard Paradise at 774-392-2972 or rich@mvfilmsociety.com.

The Capital Campaign Fund

We appreciate your generous contribution to our previous capital campaign to build and outfit the Film Center. In the past three years, over $600,000 of leasehold improvements have been made. Most of this money came from donors, people like you. The Capital Campaign provides the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center with funds to maintain our building and make improvements that benefit everyone. Please consider making a donation for future improvements. For additional information pertaining to charitable giving, contact Richard Paradise, Executive Director, at 774-392–2972 or via email at rich@mvfilmsociety.com.