Having the largest screen on the island and a captive audience, the Film Center is the perfect platform to deliver your company’s message.  On any given night, the center is filled with island visitors, full and part-time residents and their guests. I can honestly say this is an affluent, educated, and culture-loving audience. 

We have two ways to deliver your message to our audiences at the center — either through the use of on-screen slides or with a client-supplied 30-second ad spot that plays before our film trailers.  If you have a specific budget — I could come up with a schedule of the frequency of plays for each delivery method based on the highest impact.  

Option # 1 — An on-screen Slide Show ad on rotates on our screen with “Lights Up” prior to the beginning of the trailers and feature film when the audience is being seated (plays 30 minutes prior to the start of the movie).  One “Play” represents 6-8 views of your one slide in a 30-minute pre-show loop of our slide show on-screen. Music accompanies the slide show.

Off-Season: October 15 through to just prior to Memorial Day weekend: $30 per play (6-8 views) – minimum 2 plays per week for 4 weeks.  Longer schedules are encouraged. 

Summer Season, Memorial Day Weekend through October 15: $50 per show loop (6-8 views) – minimum 2 plays per week for 4 weeks.

Sample slides:

Option #2 — An on-screen: 30 second video ad within our “Trailer Program with Lights Out” playing prior to the feature film. Video is required to be supplied in DCP format — pricing would be based on frequency and length of run.  This is a captive audience since your ad plays after my stage introductions, and right before our movie trailers that day (max. of two). No more than 3 ads play before any feature. 

Sample video ad – Hutker Architects — http://minute-movie.com/still/#/hutker/

This was produced by Christopher Harting an off-island production company. 
Off-Season — October 15 through to just prior to Memorial Day weekend:: $50 per play – minimum 2 plays per week for 4 weeks.
Summer Season, Memorial Day weekend to October 15th — $100 per play – minimum 2 plays per week for 4 weeks. 

**Typically in the off-season (October 2018 to May 2019) we run 10-14 films per week at 1PM, 4PM, and 7:30PM – Wednesday through Sunday.  In July and August, we are restricted to only one show at 7:30PM seven nights a week. 

For more details and a customized proposal, please contact Richard Paradise at 774-392-2972, or email rich@mvfilmsociety.com