Special Events


OPHELIA’S GHOST — Live Mixed Media Acted Performance

75 mins | 2015 | |

Monday July 27, 2015, 7:30PM
Tuesday July 28, 2015 7:30PM

In this exploration of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, it is Ophelia’s ghost that haunts the grounds and winds her way into the hearts and souls of Elsinore.  When the ghost prowls Elsinore Castle on an island in the North Atlantic reality warps and new horizons come into view, both alluring and chilling.   Will…


THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Presented with live music score and performance by the Berklee Silent Film Orchestra

| 1925 | 79 mins | | , ,
Directed by Lon Chaney and Rupert Julian

Thursday June 25, 2015, 7:30PM


Lon Chaney’s iconic portrayal of a horribly disfigured composer who leads a menacing existence in the catacombs beneath the Paris Opera House. Seeking the love of a beautiful young prima donna, he kidnaps her and holds her hostage in his lair. This very special screening will feature live accompaniment by the Berklee…



, , | 2014
Directed by Marcia Jarmel & Ken Schneider

Sunday June 14, 2015, 7:30PM


Enjoy (2) 5-minute videos of Alan Brigish’s photography from a recent trip to Cuba, the new baseball movie HAVANA CURVEBALL, and a Q&A afterwards with Alejandro Carreño. Mica, is a classic young teen. Enthusiastic. Idealistic. Dreaming baseball. At 13, he is studying for his Bar Mitzvah, the Jewish coming of age rite. An…


Nature as Inspiration: OCEANS (Sunday – Free Admission to Youth under 18 in age)

| 2010 | 84 minutes | | , ,

Sunday May 24, 2015, 4:00 PM


SPECIAL GUEST:  Scientific Advisor Jesse Ausubel Winged Migration co-directors Jacques Cluzaud and Jacques Perrin re-team for this documentary exploring the many mysteries of our planet’s oceans. Almost three-quarters of the earth’s surface is covered by oceans, yet strangely we seem to know more about deep space than the world of the sea. There’s…


Nature as Inspiration: HIMALAYA: L’ENFANCE D’UN CHEF

| 1999 | 109 minutes | | , ,
Directed by Eric Valli

Sunday May 24, 2015, 7:30PM


Set in the mountains of Tibet near Nepal, this film begins with mountaineer Karma (Gurgon Kyap) returning from a long journey with bad news: the son of Tinle (Thilen Lhondup), the village leader, died in the midst of the trek, leaving behind a wife, Pema (Lhapka Tsamchoe), and a son, Pasang (Karma…


Nature as Inspiration: MICROCOSMOS

| 1996 | 77 minutes | | ,
Directed by Claude Nuridsany, Marie Pérennou

Saturday May 23, 2015, 4:00PM


SPECIAL GUEST: Producer Jacques Perrin Explore the wonders of the insect world as never before possible as the filmmakers who took you in a trip through the clouds in WINGED MIGRATION take you on a magical journey underground in this feature that will captivate audiences both young and old. Specially designed cameras…


Nature as Inspiration: NIGHT ON EARTH (North American Premiere), plus clips of SEASONS

| 2014 | 60 mins | | ,

Saturday May 23, 2015, 7:30 PM


Join for a champagne reception beginning at 6:30 PM in our film center lobby. Live piano music.  SPECIAL GUEST: Producer/Director Jacques Perrin will attend.   Mr. Perrin will also premiere advance clips from his newest film SEASONS, which will be released by Sony Picture Classics in December 2015.  There will be a…


Nature as Inspiration: WINGED MIGRATION

| 2003 | 85 minutes | | , ,
Directed by Jacques Perrin


SPECIAL GUEST: Producer/Director Jacques Perrin Long one of France’s most respected producers and actors, Jacques Perrin has more recently had a highly successful career creating films about nature, including LE PEUPLE SINGE (monkeys) and MICROCOSMOS (insects) and set in exotic locales (HIMALAYA). Now with this film Perrin takes on his greatest challenge…


Special Screening & Reception: RED DOT ON THE OCEAN benefiting SAIL MV

| 2014 | 77 minutes | |
Amy Flannery and Tory Salvia


RED DOT ON THE OCEAN is the story of Matt Rutherford, a severely troubled youth, who became a sailing legend. Departing Annapolis, MD in a scrappy old 27-foot fiberglass sloop without fanfare, 30-year-old Rutherford braved the icebergs of the arctic and mountainous waves of Cape Horn to become the only person to ever…



| 2014 | 129 minutes | |
Stefano Vizioli


Presentation Considered one of Giuseppe Verdi’s greatest accomplishments, Rigoletto continues to enthrall audiences worldwide with its tragic plot and famous arias. One of the most popular arias of all time, “La donna e’ mobile,” is so catchy that prior to Rigoletto’s premiere in Venice of 1851, Verdi swore the tenor to secrecy,…


NY Film Critics Premiere: THE WATER DIVINER, featuring a simulcast Q&A with Russell Crowe afterwards

2014 | 111 minutes | |
Directed by: Russell Crowe


Starring Russell Crowe and Olga Kurylenko, THE WATER DIVINER is an epic adventure set four years after the devastating battle of Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I. Australian farmer Connor (Crowe) travels to Istanbul to discover the fate of his sons, reported missing in the action, where he forges a relationship…



| 2012 | 130 minutes | |
Rolando Villazón


Presentation From the Festspielhaus in Baden-Baden comes this spectacular production of Gaetano Donizetti’s wonderful L’Elisir d’Amore. Set as a classic Western, this is the second directorial work of Rolando Villazón (following his directorial debut in 2011 with Werther at Opera de Lyon). Villazòn as director and Nemorino — these tidings alone were…


NY Film Critics Premiere: DANNY COLLINS, featuring a simulcast Q&A with Al Pacino afterwards

| 2015 | 106 minutes | | , ,
Directed by Jill Nicholls and Dan Fogelman


Al Pacino stars as aging 1970s rocker Danny Collins, who can’t give up his hard-living ways. But when his manager (Christopher Plummer) uncovers a 40 year-old undelivered letter written to him by John Lennon, he decides to change course and embarks on a heartfelt journey to rediscover his family, find true love…


OPERA in cinema: Cavalleria and Pagliacci

| 2014 | 170 minutes | |
Enrico Castiglione


Cavalleria Rusticana Adapted from the short story written by Giovanni Verga, Cavalleria Rusticana is a one-act opera considered one of the classics of verismo opera. The opera was composed by Pietro Mascagni, with a libretto by Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti, as part of an 1888 competition by Milanese publisher Edoardo Sonzogno. After winning the…

Love is Madness

PATRICK’S DAY– Feature Film Project Screening — Only One Showing!

| 2014 | 102 minutes | | ,
Directed by Terry McMahon


Patrick is a warm, open, twenty-six year old virgin schizophrenic. Pills and his mother’s protection mean he is no threat to himself or anyone else. Until he falls in love. The object of his desire, Karen, a suicidal flight attendant, has no idea the intimacy she shares with Patrick might reintroduce her…


EASY RIDER (Co-sponsored by the MV Museum)

| 1969 | 95 minutes | | , ,
Dennis Hopper


In collaboration with the MV Museum’s ongoing exhibit “Sea Change: Martha’s Vineyard in the 1960s”, join us for the first in this four part 1960s film series.  Historian and movie buff A. Bowdoin Van Riper will talk about how the film fits in the context of the decade. Easy Rider is a 1969 American road…