Adult Education Film Analysis Class


On Monday, December 12, the Martha’s Vineyard Film Society will present its next adult education film analysis class. This class, titled “The Director,” will be lead by MVFS manager Bob Dutton and will emphasize the job of the director and what he/she brings to the success of a film.

Using discussion, analysis and a limited number of film clips, much of the class will be interactive — putting students into groups to complete mini-projects in class using group members’ cell phone cameras.
“The Director” will be taught at the MV Film Center, 79 Beach Road, Vineyard Haven, and will begin at 7:00pm. Class registration is free to MVFS members, but due to the limited number of participants allowed, all prospective students are required to reserve space in advance by e-mailing as soon as possible for placement confirmation.


Have you ever wished you had the opportunity to talk about a film with other audience members while it’s still fresh in your mind?

We surely have! So, to allow those conversations to happen, we introduce FILM CLUB. Much like what a book club is for readers, FILM CLUB is for film-goers — an hour or so after various films throughout the summer that will allow you to analyze, discuss and contemplate the film you just watched.
FILM CLUB will meet after various first-run features at the Film Center throughout the summer, but also after classic film fare at the Capawock.
We are excited to announce a partnership with the Bunch of Grapes Bookstore on a series of great films based on great books. Each post-screening discussion will include discussion about the differences (and similarities) between the book and the movie version of the story, as well as analysis of the movie as a stand-alone piece of work.

The dates and film titles currently scheduled are:

Wednesday, July 13: TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD
Wednesday, July 20: FRIED GREEN TOMATOES
Wednesday, August 10: THE COLOR PURPLE
Wednesday, August 17: THE PRINCESS BRIDE
Wednesday, August 24: LIFE OF PI

Enroll in the entire Film Club series, or customize your participation. Cost per film: $9 general admission, $7 for Film Society members, children 14 or younger, & Bunch of Grapes discount card holders (must purchase tickets at door), FREE to MVFS “Friends of the MV Film Center” donors.

We hope you consider this unique opportunity that might just forever change the way you look at films.

 Five-session course, titled “WE ARE ALL GEORGE BAILEY: Living Vicariously through Film,” offered Free of charge to MVFS members in Spring 2016. 


In a complement to its screen offerings, the Martha’s Vineyard Film Society added a series of free film analysis classes for society members to its weekly schedule last Spring. The five-session course, titled “WE ARE ALL GEORGE BAILEY: Living Vicariously through Film,” began on Tuesday, March 15 and was designed to be a humorous, engaging, and interactive course examining the world of storytelling through film.

From plot analysis to character psychology to why sitting in a theatre for two hours can make us laugh, cry, fall in love and even change our perspective on life, MV Film Society manager Robert Dutton led an exploration of the many layers that go into telling a well-crafted tale, guiding Film Society members on a journey of insight into the movie-going experience.
Using short films as well as clips from classic films like IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, THE WIZARD OF OZ, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, JAWS, PSYCHO, UP, THE MIRACLE WORKER, MARY POPPINS as well as TV programs like THE TWILIGHT ZONE, MR. BEAN and THE SIMPSONS, these five lessons strived to make participants consider movies in a whole new way.
CLASS 1:  March 15 @ 6:30pm. The 6 Ingredients That Make a Story.
CLASS 2:  March 22 @ 6:30pm. The Roller-coaster of Plot Structure.
CLASS 3:  March 29 @ 6:30pm. Conflict is Good (and Interesting).
CLASS 4:  April 12 @ 6:30pm. Power: the Basis of Character.
CLASS 5:  April 19 @ 6:30pm. Putting It All Together.
Host Robert Dutton has a degree in Directing for the Theatre from Emerson College, was a professional actor for five years and, for thirteen years, was an English and Drama teacher in Orlando (where he was named “Best Teacher in Central Florida” by Orlando Home and Leisure Magazine in 2011). He started the Island Entertainment video store in Vineyard Haven and is currently the Theatre Manager for the MV Film Society. This course is an off-shoot of Mr. Dutton’s teaching career and the subject of a book he is writing called “The Illusion of Truth.”
MVFS members are asked to reserve space in advance by e-mailing or by stopping by the Film Center during regular hours.