2018 DOC WEEK: BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY with Steve Young (Subject of the Film)

Directed by Dava Whisenant

Tuesday July 31, 2018, 7:30pm

$15 General Admission, $12 Member,
$7 child age 14 or younger
Doors Open for admissions 30 min. prior to screening
Buy tickets at Film Center or online now BUY TICKETS

Directed by Dava Whisenant
Written by Ozzy Inguanzo and Dava Whisenant

Starring: Martin Short, David Letterman, Chita Rivera

A Late Show comedy writer stumbles on a hidden world of bizarre corporate entertainment and finds an unexpected connection to his fellow man. With David Letterman, Chita Rivera, Martin Short, Jello Biafra, and more.


“ENDEARING. A portrait of hobby turned obsession, a chronicle of a little-known subgenre of musical theater and an elegy for a period in midcentury America when company loyalty was, well, fun.”-- New York Times

A chronicle of an obsessive quest to compile an unknown history that combines a music nerd’s love of esoterica with a detective's love of following leads down interesting detours.”-- Rolling Stone

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