The AfroDixieRemixes: A Martha’s Vineyard Listening Session

| 2017 | 120 Minutes | |
Directed by John Sims

Monday August 21, 2017


$12 General Admission, $9 Member,
$7 child age 14 or younger
Doors Open for admissions 30 min. prior to screening
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Directed by John Sims

Multi-media artist and producer John Sims will be coming to the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center to present The AfroDixieRemixes: Martha’s Vineyard Session, August 21, 2017, at 7:30 PM.  This listening session presents the song Dixie – the de-facto anthem of the Confederacy, as you have never heard it before- by way of the many genres of black music.

Justen Ahren
Cameron DeChalus
Suzzanne Douglas
Karen W. Finley
Tony Horwitz
Richard Michelson
Misan Sagay
Suesan Stovall
Preston Williams

Sims says:

“While it’s not my impulse to erase this curious tune — completely, I am drawn to re-image it through the speakerphone of black music, to make the point that the African-American experience is central to any notion of Southern heritage. And while black culture has been traded, stolen, borrowed and reformed in both magical and pathological ways, I am delighted to return the favor subversively via remixing, remapping and cross-appropriation.”

The event will also feature various responses from members of the Martha’s Vineyard community, along with selected musical animations, making for a highly dynamic evening. The responders will be announced at a later date.   

To promote meaningful reflection and diverse conversation, the artist is organizing listening sessions around the country, inviting poets, writers, scholars and activists in the hosting communities to present responses to the different AfroDixie tracks. So far, the listening sessions have been presented at: Detroit Institute for Arts in Michigan, Antioch College in Ohio, Geoffrey’s Inner Circle, Oakland, Cornell Fine Arts Museum in Orlando, Blue Rooster Jazz Club, Sarasota, Florida and the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC.

These listening sessions are a part of the artist’s bigger 16-year multi-media project, Recoloration Proclamation, which explores the complexity of identity, cultural appropriation and visual terrorism in the context of Confederate iconography and African-American culture. This system of works features recolored Confederate flags, installations, public performances, a documentary film, this music project and the recently created annual Burn and Bury Confederate flag Memorial Funeral.

For more info on the music, see the promotional video, liner notes, music video, and list of participating musicians. To preview the music tracks, go to

manJohn Sims, a Detroit native, is a multi-media conceptual artist, writer and producer, creating projects spanning the areas of installation, text, music, film, performance and large-scale activism. His main projects are informed by mathematics, the politics of sacred symbols/anniversaries and the agency of poetry.

He has lectured and exhibited both nationally and internationally and his work has been featured in Art in America, Sculpture, Transition, FiberArts, Science News, CNN, NBC News, New York Times, USA Today, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and the science journal Nature.


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