RAW DEAL with New Yorker cartoonist, Paul Karasik, introducing the film

| 1948 | 89 mins | | ,
Anthony Mann

Wednesday February 12, 2014

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Anthony Mann

Dennis O'Keefe, Claire Trevor and Marsha Hunt

Some of the best films of the 40s and 50s remain largely unknown. These are films that do not cater to please the masses.They were made by adults for adults, so they contain hardboiled adult themes about relationships: deceit, violence and loyalty and lust.

As a crack cinematographer, John Alton is one of the unsung geniuses of modern cinema. His name is synonymous with the look of film noir: luscious blacks and smoky grays.

“Raw Deal” (1948) and “The Big Combo” (1955) demonstrate how to make gorgeous and riveting films on a low budget.

These movies ain’t “arty” but they are “art”!
–New Yorker cartoonist, Paul Karasik

Violent and viscerally sexual, Anthony Mann’s muscular low-budget noir tells the tale of a framed gangster’s quest for vengeance after he busts out of prison. Once freed, gangster Joe Sullivan Dennis O’Keefe) and his girl friend Pat (Claire Trevor) set off to find the mobster who set him up. The kidnapping of Ann Martin (Marsha Hunt), the social worker who wrote to Joe in prison, leads the fugitive into a romantic triangle of death, passion and tragedy.

"Unusual, dream like crime thriller, with powerful finale."

Michael E. Gross, Classic Film and Television

"The apex of noir style, offering up electric visions of sin, salvation, and sexual mania."

Nick Schager, Slant Magazine

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