Juried Competition – International Shorts

| 2013 | 113 mins | |

Saturday September 21, 2013
Sunday September 22, 2013

$12 General Admission, $9 Member
Doors Open for admissions 30 min. prior to screening - buy at Film Festival Box Office or online BUY TICKETS

A festival selection committee whittled 300+ entries down to 9 finalists. We will screen each finalist film and our jury will choose Best Over-all Short at the conclusion of the program.  Our finalists are:

HEAD OVER HEELS – Timothy Reckart – UK – 2012 – 10:21 – Nominated for Best Animated Short at the 2013 Academy Awards

“After many years of marriage, Walter and Madge have grown apart: he lives on the floor and she lives on the ceiling. When Walter tries to reignite their old romance, their equilibrium comes crashing down, and the couple that can’t agree which way is up must find a way put their marriage back together.”

JUST PASSING BY –  Susi Dollnig – US – 2013 – 14:22

“…Just Passing By is a warm and casual glimpse of the lives of a handful of New Yorkers who sat down with the filmmaker at a cafe table she set up on different streets around the city.” — Weekend Film Crew

THE OP SHOP – Lee Rogers – Australia – 2012 – 7:02 – Won Best Comedy at the Canada International Film Festival

The Op Shop is Rogers’ latest ‘baby’ and takes us to an average suburban opportunity/charity store where a ‘mysterious’ donation sends the elderly and naïve sales clerks on a journey of self discovery. “

ON THE ROAD TO TEL-AVIV – Khen Shalem – Israel – 2008 – 15:00 – Won Best Student Short at the New York City Short Film Festival

“A young Israeli finds himself in a tricky situation when a suspicious-looking Arab woman enters the same taxi as his fiancée. As he tries to get his fiancée out without creating a scene, panic ensues and he must right the situation, as the realities of war, terror, and enemies are exposed.”

BIRD FOOD – Richard Keane – Ireland – 2012 – 4:45 

“A man plans to eat his lunch in the park, but the local pigeons have other ideas.”

EVERY TUESDAY: A Portrait of The New Yorker Cartoonists – Rachel Loube – US – 2011 – 21:08

“Four prominent cartoonists, their individual creative processes, and their weekly lunches together.”

BORN YESTERDAY – Nathan Larkin-Connolly – US – 2012 – 13:48

“The film is all about life, love, and what you learn when you are born and live your entire life in one day. ” — Moira Taylor

NOT ANYMORE – Matthew VanDyke – US/Syria/Turkey – 15:00

“The story of the Syrian revolution as told through the experiences of two young Syrians, a male rebel fighter and a female journalist, as they fight an oppressive regime for the freedom of their people.”

SLEIGHT OF HAND – Michael Cusack – Australia – 2013 – 9:45

“Sleight of Hand. A set of techniques used by someone to manipulate objects secretly to deceive. This is a stop-motion film about illusions. A Man yearns to know his place in the world and how he fits in, when sometimes it’s better not to know.”


Jury members include Ana Lazarevic (writer/director of last year’s festival winning short film THE RUNNER); Tim Miller (Cape Cod Times entertainment editor); Diana Barrett (President/Founder of The Fledgling Fund); and Andrew Mer (Vice President, Snagfilms).

Short Film Preview Committee included Anne Evasick, Elizabeth Oakes, and Dan Pfau


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