Romantics Anonymous

| 2012 | 80 min. | | ,

Thursday March 07, 2013

$10 General Admission, $7 Member
Doors Open for admissions 30 min. prior to screening - buy at center

Romantics Anonymous tells the story of Angélique (Isabelle Carré), a gifted chocolate-maker whose uncontrollable shyness prevents her from acknowledging her talents. Struggling chocolatier Jean-René (Benoît Poelvoorde), who also suffers from a similar case of awkward bashfulness that threatens to drown his company, hires Angelique as his new sales associate. Realizing she’s attracted to her boss, Angelique decides to anonymously develop a new line of chocolates to save the company. With the future of the business hanging in the balance, Angelique and Jean-Rene must overcome their limitations and confess their sweet affections for one another in this delectable comedy

"Movies that truly have the capacity to delight - that amuse and lift the spirits and create a warm feeling - are rare. "Romantics Anonymous" is one of those rare delights."
--- Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

"A mug of warm cocoa with marshmallow topping that produces a comfy feel-good glow."
--- Stephen Holden, New York Times

"A delicious comedy-romance with a sweet-toothed twist."
--- Boyd van Hoeij, Variety

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