THIN, presented with filmmaker Lauren Greenfield

| 2006 | 102 min. | |
A Film by Lauren Greenfield

Friday August 02, 2013

$12 General Admission, $7 Member
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A Film by Lauren Greenfield

Join us after the screening for a Q&A with filmmaker Lauren Greenfield.

The HBO Documentary film Thin takes us inside the walls of Renfrew Center, a residential facility for the treatment of women with eating disorders, closely following four young women (ages 15 – 30) who have spent their lives starving themselves; often to the verge of death. The film deftly chronicles the pervasiveness of restrictive eating behaviors (most of the women profiled learned dysfunctional eating habits from their mothers while growing up), as well as the failure of our current health-insurance industry to address its clients’ needs, while never shifting focus from the women themselves. Director Lauren Greenfield documents with astonishing depth the daily rituals, spontaneous friendships and startling swings between recovery and relapse that make up life at the center. The result is a powerful new insight into one of our society’s most insidious open secrets.


"It is a rare thing – in this job, in film, in life – to be left literally shaken by something; to have it hit you with the force of a blow; to be left astonished by true courage, true pain, true compassion.  But that's exactly how I felt after seeing Thin..."
--James Rocchi, Moviefone

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