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A Film by Doron Eran

Sunday July 21, 2013

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A Film by Doron Eran

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“Melting Away” is a first in the history of Israeli cinema: a feature film about parents coping with their transgendered child. The creation of director Doron Eran and his partner, screenwriter Bili Ben Moshe, this film was conceived after the deadly attack on the Tel Aviv LGBT Youth Center and the reports of parents refusing to visit their injured kids at the hospital.

“Melting Away” begins when Assaf’s parents discover women’s clothing under his mattress, and he is forced to move out.  Assaf becomes a woman, Anna, singing at gay bars in Tel Aviv at night and pretending to be a nurse by day.  Later, when her husband is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Anna’s mother searches for her “son” and a tender, fulfilling story plays out.

“Melting Away” is a heartfelt and moving drama of family, love and understanding. It touches on real issues of sexuality and how everyday people handle themselves when forced to deal with life and death and was is left in the wake – with what is Melting Away.

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: Emily Aviva Kapor, who identifies herself as “a twenty-something queer, post-denominational, transgender woman,” will discuss her experience in the transgender community and the issues she faced transitioning from a man to a woman.

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"It is a film about regret, redemption, expectation met and unmet."

--Aaron Mannino, Cinedelphia



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