Jimmy Tingle Live on Stage and Screen

| 2013 | 120 min. | | ,

Monday August 12, 2013


$25 General Admission, $20 Member
Doors Open for admissions 30 min. prior to screening

Jimmy Tingle Live on Stage!

A unique theatrical event featuring a film screening of Jimmy Tingle’s American Dream, followed by a Q & A and a Live Jimmy Tingle Stand Up Comedy Performance.

From 60 Minutes II, The Tonight Show, HBO, NPR, Comedy Central, and PBS

The New York Times writes:
He has worked his way up the stand-up comedy circuit until he stands near the top…so cheerfully intelligent he makes his audience optimistic in the face of appalling reality. It takes a serious and well-intentioned man to make one laugh to such good effect.

Total running time for this unique theatrical presentation is two hours, which includes:  60-minute film; Q & A; and 45 minute live performance.

Jimmy Tingle’s American Dream

This captivating, provocative film is a one-hour tour-de-force of comedy, commentary and conversation with some of America’s most iconic personalities and social critics, as well as family, friends and total strangers as they speak up and speak out on the American Dream. As Tingle weaves his stand-up comedy career into the fabric of the American Dream, you’ll meet Oscar winners and comedians, historians and the homeless as he aspires to make us laugh, to make us think, and encourages us to dream.

The film features interviews and opinions of Robert Altman, Bobcat Goldthwait, Howard Zinn, Mort Sahl, Janeane Garafalo, Sean Hannity, Lewis Black, Al Franken, Robert Reich, Ed Schultz, Colin Quinn, Barry Crimmins, Jimmy’s mother, Frances, and more.

The soundtrack includes music by Willie Nelson, The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones, The Neighborhoods, and Jimmy Tingle on harmonica.

“Jimmy Tingle’s American Dream is a delicious, humorous romp through one man’s probing mind…

This is not an American Dream that jumps reality. There is criticism, and a look at the underbelly of America, yet Jimmy’s smile of optimism always returns.”

"...director Vincent Straggas excels in depicting the plight of the stand-up comedian."

--Michael C. Walsh, The Phoenix

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