| 1962 | 143 mins | |
Akira Kurosawa

Wednesday May 08, 2013

$10 General Admission, $7 Member
Doors Open for admissions 30 min. prior to screening - buy at center

Akira Kurosawa

Toshiro Mifune

Toshiro Mifune is unforgettable as Kingo Gondo, a wealthy industrialist whose family becomes the target of a cold-blooded kidnapper in High and Low(Tengoku to jigoku), the highly influential domestic drama and police procedural from director Akira Kurosawa. Adapting Ed McBain’s detective novel King’s Ransom, Kurosawa moves effortlessly from compelling race-against-time thriller to exacting social commentary, creating a diabolical treatise on contemporary Japanese society.

"One of the best detective thrillers ever filmed."
--A.O. Scot, New York Times

"High and Low illuminates its world with a wholeness and complexity you rarely see in film"
--Paul Attanasio, Washington Post

"The images populate the widescreen frame like a pressure cooker that is ready to blow up. And in High and Low, blow up they do."
--Paul Brenner, Filmcritic.com

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