Hava Nagila

| 2012 | 75 min. | |
A Film by Roberta Grossman

Tuesday July 23, 2013

$12 General Admission, $7 Member
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30 min. prior to screening
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A Film by Roberta Grossman

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“Hava Nagila” is to music what the bagel is to food – a Jewish staple that has transcended its origins and become a worldwide hit. Bob Dylan sang it. Elvis, too. And that’s only the beginning.

This award-winning film from director Roberta Grossman follows the infectious party song on its fascinating journey from the shtetls of Eastern Europe to the cul-de‐sacs of America. Featuring interviews with Harry Belafonte, Connie Francis, Glen Campbell, Leonard Nimoy, Regina Spektor and more, “Hava Nagila” takes viewers from Ukraine and Israel to the Catskills, Greenwich Village, Hollywood – and even Bollywood – using the song as a springboard to explore Jewish history and identity and to spotlight the cross-cultural connections that can be achieved only through music.

"...an infectiously high-spirited new documentary..."

--Ella Taylor, NPR


"...a fun, nostalgic, informative journey."

--Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

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