Betrayed! on Martha’s Vineyard

Tuesday July 09, 2013

$25 General Admission, $20 Member
Doors Open for admissions 30 min. prior to performance - buy at center or online BUY TICKETS

Written by Louise DuArt and SQuire Rushnell

The performance is based on the true “lemons-into-lemonade” tale that befell comedienne Louise DuArt and author SQuire Rushnell when their small non-profit organization had 82% of its treasury siphoned by cracker-jack imposters from Texas while causing wholesale havoc to other charitable organizations in the small island community.

The con-artists arrived on Martha’s Vineyard, blended-in with the rich and famous, faked offers of lavish gifts to non-profit organizations, and promised the services of their presumably 3rd highest ranked Houston-based event planning firm.

But, it took a network of neighborly sleuths to crack open the truth: that the fast-talker’s 8 million dollar business in Texas was nothing more than a postal box at a strip mall next to a brisket shop and revelation that one of them had a prison record for white collar crime and they had a knack for filing frivolous lawsuits, hoping for sizable settlements.

The MVTimes and the Houston Business Journal unleashed extensive exposes and the evildoers fled the island in the dead of night, back to Texas, where to this day they are pressing frivolous law suits against their MV neighbors.

“The predators real names are never used,” says SQuire Rushnell. “We gave them better names.”

Unveiling the unbelievable tale in rollicking form, Louise DuArt employs hilarious impressions from a wide repertoire of characters including Judge Judy, Paula Deen, Joan Rivers, Barbara Walters, Cher and George Burns. Bestselling author and professional storyteller Rushnell ties it all together with a running narrative, and the performance ends with a remarkable parallel to the classic film “It’s A Wonderful Life,” where the whole town turned out to support those who were vilified and cheated.

Martha’s Vineyard residents are still buzzing about Louise DuArt’s earlier satirical performances of BETRAYED ON MARTHA’S VINEYARD which played to SOLD OUT and/or Standing Room Only audiences.

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